So Cute! Doki Doki Crate Unboxing and Spoilers!

I don't know why, but it seems that now more than ever I have been all about anything cute, little or pink. I've always been pretty interested in Japan and Japanese culture as a whole, and I spend a fair amount of time watching travel vlogs and living vicariously through people who get to travel. It's definitely something that is on my bucket list for someday, but for now, I just have to wait! However, one subscription service totally caught my eye while I was browsing, and it was Doki Doki Crate. The add was pink and girly, and totally up my alley!

Doki Doki Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends you treats and goodies from Japan for $30 including shipping. There are loads of coupons out there to get a few dollars off your first box though! I was pulled in because the box had a totoro item featured, and I am so obsessed with Miyazaki films! 

Like most subscription boxes, each month has a new theme! All of the items in the crate then follow that theme, making it one cute little collection to unwrap! The august theme was back to school, promising lots of cute items that are perfect for your school bag! 

Here's what I received this month;

Yume No Hoshi Necktie

I already know that I won't be wearing this as a necktie, but I will for sure be wearing this in my hair! I love the constellation patterns and how large the bow is too! The fabric is nice and thick, which helps the bow to keep it shape. Love!

Kakigori Hoppe-Chan

These little guys are so so CUTE. I love that this month's hoppe-chan comes with a little serving of kakigori, one of my favorite japanese desserts! I love the tiny crystal accents and the color. These are perfect to attach to your phone for a little extra personality. They're also a tiny bit squishy too!

Tohato Caramel Corn

A yummy and light snack! This is a little bit different from the traditional American style of caramel corn, I found this to be more similar in texture to a cheese puff but with a more caramel-y honey-ish flavor. They're really yummy in my opinion!

Cinnamonroll Stationary Set

YAY! I love to write letters and send cards to my friends, and I love how cute this stationary is! They also sent me a note pad in a similar print as well that will be going right into my bag for school. 

 Chun Chun Friends Plushies: Journey Edition - Pink

I am in love with this little cutie! I received one of 8 possible colors of bird plushies and I am so excited that I received the pink one! He's so soft and fluffy and will look so cute on my desk this upcoming year! So so cute!

Totoro Cup

This was the whole reason that I signed up! This tiny little cup is decorated with little totoros and soot sprites! While it is really quite small, I think it will be perfect for juice in the morning with my breakfast! 

Vitamin Ballpen

This pen is so cute! I know that it'll be perfect for taking notes and writing in my planner this fall. I love the pink color and how different it is from all my other pens!

Overall, I am super pleased with all the treats that I got this month in my Doki Doki crate! I'm really looking forward to next months crate as well, since I've decided to hold onto this subscription for a little longer. I want to see whats coming next! 

Do you enjoy any subscription boxes? What's your personal favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Monday!