Emily's Travel Diary - Disney World Day 1

Over the holidays, my family and myself made our way back to our favorite place on earth. After fighting through the traffic and towing a camper for about 22 hours, we had finally made it to the park to leave the camper, and then made our way into the parks. img_3446

We had some fast passes already lined up for us, and headed to the parks to purchase my annual pass (best gift ever!).


We enjoyed some perks before getting into the parks (free parking for pass holders is always nice) and headed into the parks. We were all exhausted but really anxious to make our way to the Magic Kingdom.

I was out of my tickets, and was gifted my annual pass that we needed to purchase, so my mother stayed behind to take photos outside the parks while my step dad and I headed in. We arrived right around the Holiday Wishes fireworks, and were able to step right onto Buzz Lightyear's ride (one of my absolute favorites) which is an interactive shooter type of ride. The lines are usually pretty long, so it was a treat to be able to walk on to the first ride of the trip.



We both ended up maxing out the score for the ride (maybe we had a ride stop, maybe we didn't) and picked up some buttons at the end of the ride to celebrate the first happy moment of our vacation.

Once my mother made her way into the park, we headed to the back of the park to take advantage of our fastpass that we had that night at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  The lines at this ride are insane, sometimes topping over two hours easily during the day. We don't partake in lines that long, and don't understand how people do, so we were excited to have a chance to ride. I hadn't ever been on it, can't say that I'll be running back to it soon. I'm not a roller coaster person, and it wasn't for me.


By this point, it was getting late because we arrived in the parks later in the evening. We were out of fastpasses, so we headed up to the front of the park to get our first photos in.

Overall, while we were super exhausted, our first day in the parks was a definite success for everyone.

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Have a great week!