BirchBox November Box Review

I am a huge fan of anything that includes getting mail. I live alone while away at school, so sometimes getting something fun in the mail can be a serious pick me up after work and class, so cue the subscription boxes. I am obsessed with subscription boxes. I had received the Ipsy GlamBag for about a year, cancelled, and missed it, so in one swoop, I signed back up for Ipsy, and also decided to try out BirchBox as well. It seemed like it might even be better than Ipsy, with better products, bigger sizes, and the whole deal. img_3126

My first experiences with Birchbox left a fairly bitter taste in my mouth. I got my email that my box had arrived, and was so excited to pick it up after a long haul of a day that included a full day of work, and class. I got home, and no mail. I checked online, and they had shipped it to my billing address, which is over an hour from school. My shipping address was correct, so I was confused. I opened up a conversation with one of their customer service reps, and hoped for the best. After a quick conversation, they offered to send me a second box to the correct address, and I felt a little better. It was still a little disappointing to be failed by the shipping, but hey, at least I'd get my box.

I grabbed my box once it arrived, really excited to see what products I had received. I really love to be surprised when it comes to these sorts of boxes, and was really pumped to see if what I had been wishing for was selected for me.

Once the packing box was opened, the cute little box was nestled inside. I love the packaging. I am an absolute fiend for packaging, and seeing all the cute little mascara wands and pencils on the box, I was pretty much smitten. Opening the box was another story.

The samples I received left me feeling pretty deflated. The website showed the products for the box in these beautiful bottles and pots. Again, packaging matters. I was excited to get the gold mask, but its only one single use in a plastic pouch, similar to something that I might get for free with an Ulta or Sephora order. Online, it was a tiny little pot, and maybe 3 or so uses. That being said, opening up the box and seeing a plastic pouch was disappointing and, quite frankly, irritating.

The same goes for the tiny vial of perfume received. Online, it was shown that the November box could possibly have this petite little bottle of perfume, perfect for your makeup bag or purse. Sadly, I got this tiny vial, similar to what they hand out in the makeup and perfume section of a Macy's or Nordstrom's. Another irritating point for me.

The shampoo and conditioner look nice, but I'll likely give them away. I haven't put sulfates near my hair for months now, and the single use tubes wouldn't be near enough for my head of hair. Kind of strange because who can really decide if they like a shampoo or conditioner after a single (if that) use. Another dislike.

Out of the six items, I was pretty excited about two. I received a Clinique eye pencil, and Marcelle moisturizer. I'm pretty excited to get to try out and see if I like the liner, plus I can always use a moisturizer, especially one in a little travel size.

After this months disappointing and frustrating experience with Birchbox, I have cancelled for the new year. I will receive one more box, and unless its incredible, I don't foresee myself signing up again. Paying $10 a month for things I can get handed at the mall for free isn't what I'm looking for.

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