Review: L'Oreal TrueMatch Lumi Cushion Foundation

I usually don't stumble into makeup products that I can't stand. I like to look into nearly everything I buy, and I was dying to buy this foundation. I had never had a foundation that came with a cushion, and am obsessed with anything that will give my skin some glow. I had some serious high hopes for this product. I was out of foundation at the time, and was excited to try out something new. First, this foundation was not cheap at all for a drugstore product. It cost me about $16, which was painful. I'm used to a $7 foundation when I purchase it from the drugstore, but this was excessive in price. But, I trudged through, purchased my little compact and brought it home with me.


First glances at this compact left me so excited to see what this product could do. The rose gold tones and pretty label were incredible, and looked really expensive for a drugstore product. I purchased this back when it was new, and its whole display was so amazing, and me being weak when it comes to packaging, NEEDED it. So, L'Oreal, you get an A+ for packaging. In love.

The inside of the compact has a pretty nice mirror, a cushion for the foundation, and a little lid to keep the foundation fresh. The foundation itself is in a little sponge. I'm definitely not alone in saying that this little sponge has next to no product in it. This was the first disappointment for me. It was expensive, and I ended up with next to no product. I've read other reviews and for some of those ladies, one package barely lasted them two weeks. No good.

Once I put this on my face, all I can say is I was pretty disgusted. This foundation made my skin feel so oily, shiny, and overall pretty gross. I'm all about glowy skin, but this was like a facial oil slick. I've worn it once, and never again. My skin just couldn't take it.

Overall, this was a massive no from me. I much prefer my matte foundations, and like to pile the glow on where I need it. This might work out better on skin types on the drier side, but this is how it went for me.

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